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In hiring associates, Califf & Harper looks for intelligent, forward-thinking, dedicated, and engaging individuals who have excellent personal and academic records, a strong work ethic, a positive and engaging demeanor, and the desire, integrity, and motivation to become outstanding members of our firm and of the communities we serve.

Each new associate is assigned a shareholder-mentor who serves as an informal sounding board, a point person for questions, and a liaison between the associate and the shareholders. Throughout their tenure, associates are given feedback from the members of the firm on the various projects they are assigned.

Califf & Harper is dedicated to providing associates adequate training opportunities in the areas important to the firm’s clients. As such, the firm assists associates with the cost of attending continuing legal education programs.

It is our hope that every associate will be successful and will develop the skills and qualities necessary to attain a position as one of the firm’s shareholders. To accomplish that goal, associates are provided a collegial working environment that emphasizes open communication between shareholders and associates. By encouraging open communication and providing training opportunities and challenging work, the firm is able to allow associates to assume responsibility for client matters in the associate’s early years.

An example of the open lines of communication at the firm is its governing structure. Califf & Harper is a professional corporation managed by a Managing Shareholder and a Management Team and governed by its shareholders. Associates are invited to attend all of the quarterly Marketing meetings a portion of the annual firm retreat, and, from time to time, a portion of some of the shareholder meetings. Associates also have access to information regarding their monthly and year-to-date billable hours recorded and revenues generated as well as the average figures for all associates. Associates are also included in recruiting interviews of summer associate and associate candidates and weekly firm lunches in the summer season.

Compensation and Benefits:

Associate compensation compares favorably with that of other attorneys in the Quad Cities and in other communities of comparable size in the States of Illinois and Iowa.

The firm provides associates with benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, long-term disability insurance and retirement plans, all of which are subject to eligibility requirements and subject to change. In accordance with established policies, procedures, and limitations, the firm reimburses associates for bar association dues, continuing legal education fees, and other approved work-related expenses.


Each year Califf & Harper hires one or two law students who have completed their second year of law school as summer associates. The summer associate program serves as a resource for the firm to identify and hire strong candidates to the firm as associate attorneys. It is the firm’s intention that the program will be mutually beneficial to the summer associate and will provide him or her the experience of practicing law in our firm.

Summer associates assist shareholders and associates on cases and transactions ranging from the simple and routine to the challenging and complex. In addition to gaining experience in legal research assignments, and preparing written memoranda, letters, reports, and other documents, summer associates are also involved in client meetings both inside the office and at clients’ locations, depositions, court appearances, and other projects outside of the office as opportunities arise.

Summer associates are invited to participate in firm events, including weekly Friday lunches, and to explore the Quad Cities and the surrounding communities.

Summer associates receive feedback on the work they are assigned. At the conclusion of the summer, a comprehensive evaluation is discussed and an exit interview is conducted with each summer associate.

Finally, summer associates work and interact with everyone at the firm, as well as with members of the local legal community. It is our intention that by the end of the summer, the summer associate will have worked with every member of the firm and in every area o