Arthur W. Eggers, James S. Zmuda, Franklin S. Mitvalsky, Karla C. Steele, and Sigrid E. Ulve Presented for a Multi-State Employer Association

Califf & Harper, P.C., attorneys recently presented at the 2010 Labor Law Update hosted by MRA, a multi-state employer association. Topics included:
Wage & Hour. Participants learned why wage and hours claims are booming and why HR professionals should know how to avoid and defend wage and hour claims under federal and state law. Presented by Arthur W. Eggers
The Best Defense. HR professionals went on the offense with positive HR strategies that taught them how to successfully defend HR decisions. Presented by  James S. Zmuda 
My Ally/My Enemy... Protecting Your Business From Former Employees. Franklin S. Mitvalsky taught business owners the very latest strategies to protect their business from their workforce through the use of non-competition agreements, trade secret laws and the duty of loyalty. 
Immigration Enforcement: A Focus on Employers. What Best Practices Should Employers Be Following? In this session, Karla C. Steele discussed the Obama administrations' focus on removing incentives for undocumented workers entering the country illegally by preventing employers from hiring them. Participants learned about the best practices they should be following to reduce their risk in the event of an audit or ICE raid; The IRCA Compliance Policy, Training HR personnel, Conducting Audits, Correcting Mistakes on Forms i-9, how to respond to an audit, what to do in the event of a raid.