Creditors' Rights in Bankruptcy, Foreclosures, & Collections

The current economic times have affected industries, businesses, and individuals alike. It is important for courts to understand there are two sides to every transaction and outcome.
Attorneys at Califf &Harper, P.C. advocate for creditors such as banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions involved with bankruptcy estates, foreclosures, and collections. Our firm handles matters in Illinois and Iowa state courts and federal bankruptcy courts. Throughout these proceedings our firm takes a proactive approach towards a positive outcome for our clients which may include:
  • Lifting of automatic stays;
  • Organizing repayment plans;
  • Wage garnishment;
  • Repossession of collateral;
  • Property liens;
  • Shortening of redemption periods; or
  • Judgments of foreclosure.

When dealing with delinquent payments or a notice of bankruptcy it is important to act quickly to initiate your rights and secure your interests. Contact these attorneys at Califf & Harper, P.C. for assistance with your creditor rights:

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