Iowa Appellate Court Rules For Califf & Harper, P.C. Client.  On August 7, 2013, the Iowa Court of Appeals affirmed a jury verdict in favor of a client represented by Robert T. Park and Abigail C. Waeyaert. In February 2008, the plaintiff sustained a severely broken leg while helping a husband and wife move into a new home using a rental truck. The plaintiff subsequently settled with the rental truck company, signing a Release Of All Claims, releasing the husband, the rental company, and their "agents [or] principals┬ö from liability. The plaintiff then sued the husband and wife claiming negligence. The trial judge found in favor of Mr. Park's clients on the release. The Iowa Supreme Court agreed that the husband was released but sent the case back for trial of the claim against the wife, whose name was not stated in the release. An issue at trial was whether the husband and wife were participating in a joint enterprise, so that the wife was her husband's agent. A jury found there was a joint enterprise, so that the wife had also been released from liability for the injury. Based on Mr. Park and Ms. Waeyaert's arguments, the Iowa Court of Appeals affirmed this decision, so that the plaintiff recovered nothing from either the husband or wife.  Read more
Farmer Successfully Defended by Robert T. Park in Vehicle Accident Case. In September, Robert T. Park successfully defended another personal injury case in a Whiteside County jury trial. The case arose from a vehicle accident. Mr. Park's client, a farmer, was driving his pickup truck, pulling a 15-foot wide farm implement on a 17-foot wide rural road. A woman coming from the opposite direction, crested a hill and saw the farmer's vehicle. The woman was unable to avoid striking the end of the implement, causing her vehicle to veer off the road, which resulted in her injury. Over more than a year and a half, the woman received a little more than $4,000 in chiropractic treatment and massage therapy. Mr. Park had offered a settlement of $10,000 but the woman demanded several times that amount. At the end of a two-day trial, a 12-person jury returned a verdict for the farmer.
Robert T. Park Successfully Defends Dog Owner; Requests "Fair and Reasonable" But Not Excessive Damages. In July, Robert T. Park defended a woman who admitted liability for her dog, which bit a young family friend. Before trial the suing party's attorney made a formal demand for $200,000 in damages, the woman's liability insurance policy limit. Mr. Park counter-offered $25,000, which the friend's attorney refused. At trial, the other attorney requested total damages of over $174,000. In his closing, Mr. Park did not suggest an amount for damages, asking only that the jury return an award that was ''fair and reasonable." The jury returned a verdict for total damages of $6,000.
Harvey A. Levin was recognized by Leading Lawyers Network Magazine as an attorney known for his versatility both in his areas of practice and various clients. Mr. Levin believes strongly in the use of partners for transactions and projects as well as accessibility for clients. The Leading Lawyers article "Renaissance Man Keeps Varied Practice Fresh" illustrates Mr. Levin's variety of clients and practice areas, including acting as general counsel and serving clients nationwide. See the complete article as it appeared in the Real Estate, Construction and Environmental Edition for 2012.  Renaissance Man Keeps Varied Practice Fresh
Harvey A. Levin recently helped a client exit his business by selling it to a major competitor.  The significant multimillion dollar transaction involved significant negotiations with a large New York City law firm.
Franklin S. Mitvalsky and Harvey A. Levin recently assisted a client with the refinancing of a portfolio of properties involving over $65,000,000.00 of proceeds under loans sponsored through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The refinancing required the resolution of numerous complex issues involving the retirement of senior and mezzanine debt covering four seprate properties and required a closing process that spanned two consecutive days.
Roger L. Strandlund was recognized as an attorney that is available to his clients "no matter what" by Leading Lawyers Network Magazine. See the complete article as it appeared in the Real Estate, Construction and Environmental Edition for 2011.
Removing Hurdles for Community Plans


Robert P. Boeye was named one of the top five percent of all attorneys in the state of Illinois by the Leading Lawyers Network in 2010. See the article featuring Mr. Boeye as it appeared in the Business Edition of the Leading Lawyers Magazine. Bob Boeye Honesty and Integrity
Califf & Harper, P.C. attorneys successfully obtained a defense verdict on a $17 million lender liability claim.
Califf & Harper, P.C. attorneys successfully defended a public entity client against a lawsuit that was intended to stop a $6.0 million construction project. The Court ruled in favor of the firms client after the parties filed cross motions for summary judgment.
Prior to trial, Califf & Harper, P.C. attorneys successfully obtained a dismissal on an ADA (American Disabilities Act) accommodations case.
Prior to trial, Califf & Harper, P.C. attorneys successfully obtained a judgment for a client who was served with a sexual harassment claim.


Jeffrey B. Moorhouse Served as Special State of Illinois Counsel for Leveraged Buyouts. Mr. Moorhouse represented various national lenders regarding the leveraged buyouts of large national concerns. The buyouts ranged in size from $94,000,000 to in excess of $1,575,000,000.
Frankin S. Mitvalsky and Harvey A. Levin Successfully Closed a 33.5 Million Dollar Acquisition. Recently, Califf & Harper, P.C. attorneys closed a complex real estate acquisition involving the assumption of a mortgage in a publicly securitized mortgage pool. The transaction involved complex matters including Section 1031 like kind exchanges, special purpose entities, bankruptcy remoteness and non-consolidation issues. The transaction represented a critical strategic move for one of the firm's business clients looking to expand its reach in the commercial real estate market.
James S. Zmuda Successfully Defended Well Known Radio Personalities in a Non-Competition Lawsuit. Two well known morning radio personalities in the Quad Cities area were recently sued by their former employer in an attempt to stop them from broadcasting. Mr. Zmuda was approached for help in defending their rights to broadcast and he successfully defeated the former employer's request for an injunction. The victory allowed the radio personalities to continue broadcasting for their new employer.
Califf & Harper, P.C. Successfully Halted an Attempt to Stop Airport Development. Attorneys Harvey A. Levin, Roger L. Strandlund, Frank S. Mitvalsky and Karla C. Steele stopped an injunction which would have enjoined airport development of a general aviation hangar space. Opposition to the expansion of airport hangar space took the form of a lawsuit filed in state court relying on the theory that action taken by the airport (in furtherance of its safe operation of fueling facilities) was discriminatory and violative of FAA grant assurances. The successful outcome allowed the hangar development to proceed.
Arthur W. Eggers, James S. Zmuda and Roger L. Strandlund Successfully Defended Multiple Discrimination and Civil Rights Lawsuits. In several jury cases brought against client-companies where employees have alleged discrimination based upon gender and race, Califf & Harper P.C. attorneys successfully brought the cases to jury verdicts of no recovery. In another such case, the firm defended, to a jury verdict of a nominal damages award, a lawsuit alleging a seven-figure damage claim arising from an alleged civil rights violation by the client-company's security personnel.
Lease Negotiated for a Large Manufacturer. Califf & Harper attorney Harvey A. Levin, recently negotiated a lease for over 120,000 square feet for a large manufacturer which was a key supplier for Starbuck's Coffee. The lease was critical for the expansion of the client's business.
Jeffrey B. Moorhouse and Franklin S. Mitvalsky Won a Bankruptcy Appeal Case in South Dakota Federal Court. Califf & Harper, P.C. attorneys successfully represented several individuals in an effort to gain bankruptcy approval over a settlement in favor of their clients of over $600,000.00. The settlement, reached with the bankruptcy trustee, was challenged by another creditor who was being represented by a former bankruptcy judge. After engaging in extensive briefing and procedural matters, Mr. Moorhouse and Mr. Mitvalsky achieved victory at the bankruptcy court level, and secured victory at the appellate level before a federal court in South Dakota.
Califf & Harper, P.C. Attorneys Successfully Represented a Public Entity in Toxic Tort Case.In a multi-part toxic tort litigation at a USEPA clean-up site, the firm successfully represented a public entity client in a situation where damages were originally claimed for more than twenty times the amount of the outcome, concluding all discovery and reaching settlement in less than two years.
Dennis R. Fox, Roger L. Strandlund, Jeffrey B. Moorhouse, John A. Slover Jr., Arthur W. Eggers, Harvey A. Levin, and Robert P. Boeye, were named among the top five percent of all attorneys in the state of Illinois by the Leading Lawyers Network in 2009. See the article below as it appeared in the Business Edition of the Leading Lawyers Magazine.
Quality in the Quad Cities and Beyond
Karla C. Steele Accepted Shareholder Status with Califf & Harper, P.C. on January 1, 2009. Ms. Steele has been practicing law with the firm since August of 2002. Ms. Steele received her Juris Doctorate (J. D.) and a Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the University of Iowa. Ms. Steele is engaged in the general practice of law and specializes in immigration law.


Sigrid E. Ulve Joined Califf & Harper, P.C. as a New Associate in 2008. Ms. Ulve received her undergraduate degree in English from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law in May 2008.